1. Biezestreet's Avatar
    I have an incredible that I'm trying to trade with a guy for a Droid X. Because he lives pretty far away, we have to do it by mail. Do you guys have any idea's on how to do this safely? Should we do some sort of collateral thing, or what?
    11-16-2010 09:35 AM
  2. jcprunty's Avatar
    I wouldnt do a trade with anyone unless we could meet at a store to ensure everything is ok and that there is nothing wrong with the phones...on either end...that way both people are covered..just my opinion.
    11-16-2010 10:58 AM
  3. Biezestreet's Avatar
    ....That doesn't help me lol. Anybody have any suggestions??
    11-16-2010 09:12 PM