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    Using an un-rooted EVO and the stock SMS (messages) app.

    Sometimes I'll have a very few number of conversations under All Messages, say 4. Then I'll get a new SMS that I can delete without opening (usually a weather update or a sport score that I can see all the info without needing to open it). That alert SMS will be in position 1, unread, with all other conversations marked as read. If I long hold on the 1st SMS (the unread alert) then select delete *sometimes* it deletes a different SMS conversation not the alert SMS that I wanted to delete. This does not happen often, but once this begins to happen it will continue to happen until I reboot the phone.

    Is there anything known about this bug or anything I can do to avoid it? Long selecting and deleting an unread alert SMS is a pretty typical scenario for me and when this bug appears and starts deleting other conversations it pisses me off since that other conversation is now gone (there isn't an SMS trash folder is there?).

    Thanks all... Sorry if the is a newbie issue, but I am just into the great world of Android coming from WM.
    11-16-2010 11:56 AM