1. Soupcans's Avatar
    I have one android for work and one for play - trying to use hangouts as a single messaging app so I get messages no matter which phone I have. Is there a way to set up hangouts so I get the new message notification alert on both phones? Thanks
    10-11-2014 07:01 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The same message from the same person on both phones? Not unless they're both on the same Google account, as far as I know. Or you could ask your contacts to make your numbers a group and sent texts to that group instead of to you.
    10-11-2014 10:28 PM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    To expand on what Rukbat says, if they're sending you a text, you can't unless you're using Google Voice and have it linked to Hangouts. If you're using the IM capability, you just need the same account on both devices, and you can have more than one account on each device in case you have different "main" accounts on each.

    I have 2 Google-based accounts (one is GMail, the other is a Google Apps account), I have both accounts on my phone and my tablet and both devices get IM notifications for both accounts but the tablet does NOT get notifications when I get a text on my phone even though I get my texts using Hangouts on my phone.
    10-11-2014 11:27 PM
  4. Soupcans's Avatar
    Thank you. I'm only interested in get the hangout IM alerts on both phones - I realize sms won't work without google voice. Currently the IM alerts are only going to the phone where I used Hangouts last. Obviously the messages hit all units once I open the app....but I can't find a way to get both phones to have the new IM alert notification. I'm using the same google account on both units. I did read that the latest upgrade to Hangouts was tweaked regarding alerts to multiple devices, not sure if that's the reason. Thanks again....any ideas, please share.
    10-13-2014 11:22 AM
  5. Soupcans's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback and assistance! I'm simply using hangouts for IM only, not sms. I'm using one google account on my htc m8, the same account on my nexus 5 - only getting the new IM notification alert on the phone I used last, not both...strange
    10-13-2014 02:41 PM

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