1. Jakub Madej's Avatar
    So I just purchased a oneplus one and am switching over from a windows phone. One of the features I like on the windows phone is the ability to auto change my facebook photos as my lock screen background. Basically within the settings, I can choose the facebook app, pick which albums I want, and then my lock screen background gets automatically set to a new photo from those albums every few hours. Anything like this possible on android? I don't remember it being possible when I last used Android.


    10-17-2014 06:47 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! There's always Facebook Home, but that's much more than just a way to put your Facebook photos on the lockscreen--in fact, it's probably too much Facebook for most users.
    10-17-2014 10:04 PM

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