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    I hope you can help. The android-developers at my work place are scratching their heads, and so am I.

    A month ago i dropped my s4 for the n´th time, and this time it broke. We have the house full of old samsung phones, but the only one I managed to get going was my old, beloved s2.

    I still have all the apps I had while using the phone two years ago, my issue is that I cannot upgrade any of the aps I have installed (except facebook for some reason), and I cannot download any new apps I did not already have on my phone (except very few apps that show up in play). I can´t install facebook page manager, snap chat, and most other popular apps.

    The thing is, I cant find them in google play. Opening google play there is only one app showing up in "recommended for me", one in "best payed", a few in "best free" aso. If i search for snapchat, I cant find it, but if I go to "my apps" and "all" I find all the apps I had installed on my s4, but which I can´t find now. But I cant download the apps from here either. I manage to open the app-pages, but it says that the app does not support my version (on all of them).

    The version on my phone is jellybean 4.1.2, and according to the developers here, this should not be a problem.

    Another curious part is that I couldn't find Hangouts on google play. I previously had Talk installed, but after a few days i noticed the icon had changed to the hangouts symbol. Peculiar, i thought. Openig it it does not work. It says that it cant log on since it cant contact google. G-mail works fine, and after a little hassel I managed to log into my google+ account. I cannot uninstall hangouts either. It is not in the list of installed apps and even though I find it under "all" I can only delete the cache.

    I use the same sd card I used in my s4. I have tried with and without it (have some apps here, and thought it might be causing the trouble.

    This I have tried:

    * Restart, hundreds of times
    * Clearing cache and storage for google play, android installation and google services (which, according to other forums, should have solved the hangouts issue)
    * Deleting and re-creating my google-account
    * I have plenty of space
    * I have the most resent version of jellybean available installed (checked today)

    I have tried to google this problem, but can´t find any similar issues.

    Do you have any idea what is going on?

    I´m wondering if the developers here are wrong about the version being new enough, but when I open google play on my desctop, it says that the apps are compatible with all my devises, including my s2.
    10-20-2014 06:04 AM
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    Make sure you have your regular Google account in the phone (not the email account, the Google account (even if the address is the same) - Accounts/Add an account/Google.

    Go to the Google Play Store on a browser on a computer, log in with the same account and try to install the app to the S2. (Under the install button, you'll see whether the app is listed as being compatible with all your devices, some of your devices or none of your devices.) The phone only sees apps compatible with it, a computer sees all apps.

    I would assume that most of the apps in the Play Store are compatible with an S2 running JB, but try and see.
    10-20-2014 04:25 PM

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