1. BillDennes's Avatar
    Every day I get a Software Update Available pop-up. Every day I put it off for one more day, which is the longest delay available.

    My Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545) is from Verizon.
    Android version is 4.4.2, baseband I545VRUFNC5.
    Kernel is 3.4.0, dated 3/28/14 13:38:41 KST.
    The phone is rooted with TowelRoot.

    The "detailed information" link lists features like improved smileys, but does not seem to show a new version number.

    I want to hang onto my rooted status. I fear this would be gone if I ran an Android update.

    Question 1: Can I rename a file and make the daily nag stop? Which file?

    Question 2: Could this be a Verizon update instead of an Android update?

    10-20-2014 01:09 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    It could be the latest 4.4.4 update for your device, and may include stuff for Verizon. The only way to delete the notification is to flash a custom ROM or accept it. Most custom ROMs will modify the necessary files to have the notification ignored. Though, I'm not sure which files those are, or if it relates to a particular mod (ie recovery).
    10-20-2014 01:51 PM

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