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    I've been having these 2 issues for a while now and I have a feeling they may be connected.
    Both issues happened with stock and with paranoid android. I thought that Greenify was the culprit because they seemed to go away for awhile after I uninstalled it but both issues returned at about the same time.

    Basic Info:
    LG G2 VS980
    paranoid android 4.4

    Issue 1: Screen
    My screen will sometimes not turn on. Neither the power button or knock on will work. It seems completely random when it will and wont turn on. The notification light will shine if I have a notification but the screen itself wont turn on. I can usually turn it on again if I wait a few or minutes or if I restart the device by holding down the power button.

    Issue 2: Keyboard
    I will open an app (hoverchat, chrome, snapchat, ect) and they keys will respond to my touch and the spell checker will show what I'm typing but nothing will show up in the text box. If I type nonsense eventually some of it will show up and I can continue typing. Clearing the data and cache of the keyboard didnt help. Usually I have to quit and reopen the app a few times in order to be able to type.
    This happens with every keyboard I have tried. I am currently using Android L Keyboard (I think it got removed from play).

    Both of these issues are incredibly frustrating and I would love any help anyone can offer. Thanks guys!
    10-24-2014 10:40 AM

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