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    Upgraded to a Note 4 and was able to get almost everything moved over with the help of Helium and MyBackup Pro. The one app that I'm having trouble with is Bike Race by TopFreeGames. I can get the program over and many of the settings but the World Tour bikes won't copy over.

    One thing I do notice is that even though the app is supposedly completely in the phone memory it shows:

    Total: 72.92 MB
    Application: 35.04 MB
    SD Card App: 0.00 B
    Data: 37.70 MB
    SD card data: 180 KB

    I'm wondering if Helium is having trouble with the SD card data. I've also tried pulling out the SD card and putting it in the Note 4 but that doesn't make it work either (not sure if that would ever work.) Does anyone have any ideas (short of rooting the Note 4 as I'm not allowed to) as to how to get this to work?
    10-24-2014 01:17 PM

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