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    Hi guys,
    I'm extremely new to Android and have been using Apple for years and now I'm finally fed up with their constant updates, the shaky, unreliable jailbreaks to bypass their dumb operating system and all their newer better phones. I'm looking at a Moto G2 right now as it seems to be the best for my budget but I'm getting it unlocked without a contract or SIM. As I'm new to the smartphone world (I only used an iPod touch and this is going to be my replacement), I'd like to first know: will I be able to use the phone without a SIM? Is rooting a good idea and is it stable? Is my current selection of phone an advisable purchase? Any other tips are welcome, as I said, I'm new to Android and I'd love as much help as possible.
    10-24-2014 03:18 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The Moto G (both the 1st and 2nd generation) has gotten almost universal praise as a highly capable smartphone for an unbelievably low price, so you'll probably love it. You should be able to set it up without a SIM.

    Rooting is something you should consider only if you want more control over the phone than you already have. For most people, there is no need for rooting. I would caution a beginner against rooting so soon, because it's an easy way to accidentally and irreversibly brick your phone, if you do something wrong.

    May I suggest these two guides:
    Switch to Android
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    10-24-2014 05:40 PM
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    Thanks very much, wonderful response time. I'll go out and get mine now.

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    10-24-2014 05:52 PM

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