1. Douglas Ibrahim's Avatar
    While using swype I usually get 3 word suggestions with each swipe which may or may not be the word I am trying to swipe depending on my finger placement. On one occasion a box with three rows of words popped up. I cannot duplicate this because I don't know what I touched to bring up the extra words. Please help. Thanks!
    10-26-2014 02:12 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Here is the Swype website for tips: http://www.swype.com/product-features/android/tips.html

    I took a look around and didn't see what you are referring to. Take a look around and see if the information is there - let us know if you find it.
    10-26-2014 02:24 AM
  3. Douglas Ibrahim's Avatar
    I actually tinkered with the phone long enough to determine that a long press on the suggested word in the middle brings up the other suggestions
    12-08-2014 01:04 PM

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