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    Hi all,

    Thanks for taking the time out to help me.

    I have a Samsung Tab PRO 8.4, and until recently it has been fine.

    The problem with it is that for some reason, I cannot stream "live streams". These are things that the Tab PRO is streaming (such as youtube, other streaming apps etc) to my Samsung TV whereas before I could, however downloaded physical files, like movies that I have saved on my Tablet, can be streamed easily by pressing the button in the video app near the top (the button which has the square and a sideways wifi bar), whereas streamed files do not find the TV in "available devices:/

    It's quite strange that i can't stream "live" things. When I try to stream youtube, the youtube app says, "There was a problem connecting to [TV]UE46ES6710."

    Also, my Samsung S4 and S5 can stream youtube and other "live" streams easily, either using the youtube app, or the default samsung app and pressing the TV.

    Please help, sorry if the above sounds confusing. I've tried to make it as plain as possible.

    Thank you
    11-11-2014 03:25 PM

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