1. durangojim#AC's Avatar
    I want a device that I can plug into my stereo, which provides sound to my entire house, that can use the Pandora app. I don't want to use my phone or my ipad because my house is large and the stereo is in a location that is out of the way. I want to pay less than $100 and was thinking about getting a used Eris or ipod touch, but those are still fairly expensive. I'm not interested in purchasing something on contract either. Any advice?
    11-30-2010 02:46 PM
  2. Pre-dawn raid's Avatar
    You can get a previous generation ipod Touch 8gb for $100 or less on Craigslist. I just did a quick search for my area and there were several. Since all you want to do is play music over wifi, this is probably your best bet IMO.
    11-30-2010 02:57 PM
  3. Brett's Avatar
    I would look on ebay and search for Android Devices. You can probably pull up a really big selection but they will probably be from the end of 2009 (and older). You could probably get an Eris (or maybe Hero), G1 or some other devices on par with the 2 i stated. Make sure you look up if they are able to bypass the log-in (if you do not plan on activating the device with a carrier or if the device is from another country) because you will not be able to get a signal if you are not able to activate it with the carrier and you can't activate wifi if there isn't a way to bypass the log-in.
    11-30-2010 04:05 PM