1. Pungh0Li0's Avatar
    Is there and easy way to steal a connection away from another device?

    I have a new Bluetooth sound bar and when I switch it on it automatically connects to a random device nearby. With a house full of phones and tablets I have to find each one and open settings until I find which one is connected, then disconnect and go into the settings of my device and tell it to connect.

    I don't like asking everyone to show me their phones, then if they aren't connected searching for other devices. There has to be an easier way to do it (and turning off bluetooth is not a good answer).

    Thanks, Joe
    11-28-2014 01:18 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Make sure it's not paired to all those other devices and it won't connect to them. (If you want to connect to all of them but choose which one to connect to, that's going to be a problem, because the sound bar would have to have the capability of choosing.)
    11-29-2014 12:28 AM
  3. Pungh0Li0's Avatar
    That is the issue.
    Each member of the household wants the ability to stream music when they want. They not going to unpair every time they are done, nor are they going to shut off their bluetooth. So I want to be able to select the soundbar from my list in bluetooth settings and have it connect (disconnecting whatever device it randomly connected to). That does not appear to be possible.

    Any ideas?
    11-29-2014 12:59 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    I want a 16 year old body. The odds are about the same. You're absolutely correct, it's not possible unless you rewrite the Bluetooth stack in the sound bar's firmware. (How are you at assembly language programming?)
    11-29-2014 11:41 PM

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