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    Guys i hope someone can answer me...Im freaking out...

    My wife has a SM-G900a rooted with stock 4.4.2 At&t S5 Samsung Galaxy

    I simply took out sim and sd card in and when i got everything back together i tried to make a call and it says the phone is deactivated!!

    We use straight talk and its been working fine for like 3 MONTHS...

    I checked the IMEI online and its completely clean and good to go!

    Just Called straight talk and they said to call AT&t.. We have never had at&t. in fact we have had the same sim cards for years!

    At&t support is closed right now btw

    Please someone help me. We need this phone working we are driving back to see our fam for Xmas tomorrow!

    Please guys....

    (fyi- i did see the symbol at top of At&t update/device management - the arrows before i rebooted
    12-16-2014 10:49 PM

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