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    I rooted my HTC One M7, and everything. I got the latest software but the strangest thing happened when I flashed this older version of Sense 5.5 but nothing happened and now I'm in and endless loop and I can only go into TWRP Recovery and that's it. Is there anyway I can get a new ROM flashed by ADB sidemode?

    Whenever I try flashing a new ROM through ADB push on command prompt nothing happens it just gives me a list of other ADB commands that I could use besides push. So I'm assuming it didn't work?

    I was thinking about using HTC1guru's stock roms to flash. Is this too difficult to do?

    Also, what where should I start on my computer in order to do an ADB push? I feel like the farther away it is the more possible the chances it still doesn't work....

    12-18-2014 09:04 AM

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