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    Hi All! Sorry to be so needy with my first post, but I'm having a lot of trouble setting up my google voice mail box on my new phone.

    So getting my voicemails on Google Voice worked awesome on my old (Galaxy Nexus) phone. On Wednesday, I got a new phone from MetroPCS, a ZTE ZMAX (I would post a link to the specs but since my post count is so low I can't. If you google ZTE ZMAX there will be a spec screen a few down) and for the life of me cannot get Voice to be my voicemail provider.

    I started off by just installing voice and trying to go into call setting on my phone and change the call settings with voicemail to google voice. I also went on to Google Voice's website and saw that I hasn't changed my carrier to MetroPCS yet. So I changed that, did all the set ups with my phone like it was brand new, but it still didn't fix the issue.

    If my phone is called, it goes to the default MetroPCS voicemail box. If I go to my settings and go to voicemail. The service was stuck on carrier, and the only way I was able to get it to google voice was to hit the home button while it was "Configuring" it. (It failed every time it finished trying to configure and went back to the default and gave me and error saying it couldn't change the forwarding number and to contact my carrier)

    So I've yet to contact MetroPCS about it because I'm 90% sure they'll say to try and contact google. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this.
    12-19-2014 02:29 PM
  2. Lightzeaka's Avatar
    Hoping someone can help with this.
    12-27-2014 01:05 AM

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