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    I recently put a new microSD card in my captivate, loaded it up with some music and now all the album covers are showing up in my gallery. i only want the gallery to display pictures from a certain folder(s) just like i don't want ringtones and notification noises showing up in my playlists. i can't figure out how to fix my gallery settings. help?
    12-07-2010 12:50 PM
  2. mclarryjr's Avatar
    I copied this from another post but give it a try

    "save album art images for music as folder.jpg to keep them from showing up in your gallery. also store mp3 ringtones in: /sdcard/media/ringtones to keep them from showing up in your music database."
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    12-07-2010 01:59 PM
  3. RobertInCypress's Avatar
    wow, thats a lot of album covers i gotta rename... better get started.
    12-07-2010 03:53 PM
  4. truslide's Avatar
    what file is your music in on your phone? you should have a "music" folder. try moving all your music to that folder and you shouldn't see any album art in your gallery...
    12-07-2010 05:36 PM
  5. RobertInCypress's Avatar
    I used drag & drop to move some files from pc to the sdcard folder "music" via usb cable. The music copied but also created were files for each album cover named like "vcm_s_kf_m160x15..." i can't find the location of the images and they remain even after deleting the mp3 file associated with the picture

    edit -

    i think it might be from trying to use Windows media player. i didnt think the sync was working so i used drag & drop
    12-08-2010 07:53 AM
  6. RobertInCypress's Avatar
    ok in case this happens again, windows media player created a file called WMPinfo, delete that and all the album art goes away. will load up files on usb from here on out
    12-08-2010 09:09 AM
  7. Prof-KOS's Avatar
    If you have all the album art files in one folder add a file called .nomedia . This will instruct Android to ignore media in that folder for the gallery. This will also work for ringtones.
    12-08-2010 10:41 AM
  8. RobertInCypress's Avatar
    something is fishy. i deleted all artwork files, formatted the sd, redid the entire drag and drop process and the dang pictures are back in my gallery.
    I'm using the paid version of poweramp. im a little bit overboard about tagging my mp3s so i know the album artwork is located in a folder with the associated mp3s and its named folder.jpg. im not sure why this started it worked fine on the last memory card i used. which i dont have anymore.
    12-08-2010 01:53 PM