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    Hey guys, I have a very popular but different problem with my HTC Amaze, whose digital keyboard stopped working and i can't get it to pop up in any circumstance except for emergency dial.

    There have been many fixes to this problem, recovery, factory reset etc. Some people found them helpful, others not as much. My problem is that my phone is password protected, so because the keyboard won't pop up, i cannot access my phone AT ALL. I can't get past the lock screen and into the settings, i cannot do anything. I have yet to try factory reset (some have even said it won't fix the keyboard issue) because i don't want to lose all my pics and messages that are stored in the phone's memory.

    Neither google or youtube has proven to be helpful in any way regarding the keyboard not working on a password protected phone. All other similar problems with fixes have been on phones with no password, where you could still access the settings and fix the keyboard.

    Christmas miracle anyone? Thank you!
    12-25-2014 04:17 PM

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