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    Hello all,

    My wife and I recently got Samsung Galaxy S5 phones (with Verizon). We live in the Boston area though signal strength at our house seems low (the meter in the top right is always 1 or 2 bars) but we're always on Wifi at home so it's not a big deal.

    I noticed that on her phone, it seems to go from 4G LTE to 3G a lot more often than mine does (according to the upper right). Switching on and off Airplane mode puts it back on 4G but after a random time it eventually switches back to 3G.

    Could the signal strength somehow be affecting this? I first thought that but I'm not sure why it affects her phone more than my phone. How much slower is 3G vs 4G LTE? Any other thoughts on what might be causing this?
    12-25-2014 05:49 PM

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