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    My tablet is really messed up. First it started draining really fast so I had to keep it connected to a charger a lot, then it shut off between 80% and below, and then it shut off whenever it wasn't plugged into a charger so I had to keep it constantly on the charger while using it and turning it off everytime I unplugged it (which I know is terrible for it, but it was the only way to use it). Yesterday I just left the room for a few minutes while it was plugged in and I come back to it shut off. I hold the power button like usual, but instead of the battery image coming up the normal image comes up, holds for a little, then shuts off again. I repeat this again and again to no avail, and one time a screen pops up like the one after your computer crashes with a couple of options. I just selected the first one "reboot now" and it shut off again. I went to sleep and this morning it still won't work. The past few days it was shutting off a little randomly while unplugged and saying the battery level was 0, also it's been shutting off right after I unplugged the charger. I think it's done for now, so what do I do? I have to be honest- I accidently dropped it a lot (though only minor scratches have come out) and sometimes I spilled water on the screen (Yeah, I know, terrible). But I bought this thing for $180 and I don't really have enough money to buy a new one (I'm a minor without a job) so is there any chance that it could be fixed cheaper or are there any cheaper electronics that work like this one?
    12-30-2014 09:00 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. With the drops and the age of the device, it could be several things: from a battery going bad (probably not your fault) to the drops causing damage to the motherboard. You can ask if any local repair shops can give you a free estimate to repair it. But don't be too surprised if the cost to repair it is almost as much as a new device.
    12-30-2014 09:43 AM

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