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    So I've got a galaxy s5 that used to be rooted and I flashed the stock rom back onto it about a month ago. It's been working fine until about 2-3 days ago and all of a sudden the wifi is super slow but the mobile data is still fast. I've tried all of the solutions that I can find on the internet such as changing the dchp to static and wiping cache partition and its worked for maybe 20 minutes. I really need help because this is becoming a real hassle and it would be great to have a permanent solution to this problem! Thanks for reading!
    12-30-2014 11:59 PM
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    changing the dchp to static
    That won't work if the IP you choose is within the range of the DHCP leases. IOW, if the router leases to, your static IP has to be between 192.168,1,101 to (0 and 255 are reserved, 1 is the router itself.) You also have to get the right mask, gateway (use in this example - the first 3 sets of numbers may change) and the right DNS (use the gateway address).

    First check to see wat the encryption on the wireless security in the router is. If it's TKIP or TKIP+AES, change it to AES. Recent versions of Android on some phones are having problems with TKIP.

    If your router has a guest mode, enable it and connect your phone to the gues connection. (You'll get the web browser popping up with a login page. Use the guest password you set in the router. Then hit the Home key and work normally.) If this works, you don't want a guest connection, because it's not secure. I've found that the Netgear N300 ($35 at Best Buy when I bought it about a month ago) works with my phones at full speed on the normal account. (I don't think it even has a guest account - it's too cheap.)

    Something's changed. I'm retired, so I'm not wasting my time on it - I found something that works, and that's as far as I need to go (to keep from having to pay for a divorce).
    12-31-2014 01:05 AM

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