1. daniellearpan's Avatar
    Okay, soo.. I have a HTC majesty and it's maybe 2-3 months old. One day I was using my wifi, then all of the sudden it stops working the next day. It just completely stops working. I can still turn on the wifi button, but wifi connections don't even show up! It's definitely not the wifi with the problem because nobody else has problems except me, so it's definitely my phone. I already tried to obvious stuff, like turning off my phone, then turning it back on, taking the battery out for a minute, then putting it back in.. and also factory reseting my phone! I'm pretty upset about this so could someone please help me?
    01-12-2015 09:48 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Sounds as if the wifi radio in the phone went bad. Put the phone up on the router (actually lay it on the router) and see if it shows the signal. (Just for the info, as you'll see.) If it shows the signal, the antenna is disconnected (inside).

    In any case, the phone is under warranty. have it fixed or replaced. (Make sure you have everything backed up to some other decide, a cloud account, somewhere. (Your Google email is backed up on the server, as is just about any other email. Your Google contacts [edit them to see if they were entered ad Device, SIM or Google (or Account) contacts] are backed up at Google Contacts, Calendar is backed up at Google Calendar, your apps, if you want to take the time to download them again, are backed up at the Play Store [or you can back them up with an app like Helium - definitely use Helium to back up any data the apps save] in case they decide to replace the phone or do a factory reset brfore working on it.)

    (That's why finding out if the problem is a disconnected antenna is just for your knowledge - it'll get fixed regardless. If it's just a disconnected antenna, it's a 5 minute fix. If it's a bad wifi radio, it's another phone - yours gets sent back to HTC. The carrier usually won't eat the labor to fix the phone.)
    01-12-2015 10:01 PM

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