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    Yesterday, I started seeing a download icon on the status bar. The notification is for "login.aspx". As I recall, I was using Chrome at the time, but wasn't trying to log in anyplace, so I am inclined to think it is a virus.

    Nothing gets rid of it:
    Clean Master's anti-virus didn't find anything.
    I found the Chrome page and killed it (no joy).
    I found the file "login.aspx" in my phone's internal Download directory and deleted it.
    Re-booting didn't get rid of it (at least, for long).

    I went looking for the file elsewhere on the phone, but it wasn't immediately apparent.

    I can't find anything about this on a Google search.

    Should I uninstall and re-install Chrome?

    I have a recent backup that predates the problem and ROM Installer is installed on my rooted EVO 4G LTE, but I haven't had the nerve to try loading a new ROM.

    Any suggestions?

    Turns out, the "Clear" button at the top of the Notifications page next to the Settings icon (when you slide the Status Bar down) did the trick. I clicked on that and the annoying icon went away for good (so far).

    Thanks in advance,

    01-28-2015 01:00 AM

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