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    Heya. New to AC.

    I have recently had my xbox 360 connected to my android hotspot via my phone. Im on 3g/4g when avalible. My issues is, ever since i tried to connect my xbox to my computer for video sharing (which didnt end up working), some reason now my xbox will not connect to my hotspot. Something to do with my IP address, i think. The xbox says to check multiple things but i think its my IP. Now i dont know how to change IP for hotspot on android 4.4.2 stock kitkat ROM. My phone is NOT rooted. Is there a "default IP" for hotspot on android i can manually enter on my xbox? I reset my phone to factory settings to no avail. So im at a total loss. Unless this is actually an issue with my xbox 360? It is the xbox 360E by the way so it dlesnt have a dongle it is wifi built in. I used to be able to turn on Wifi hotspot and mt xbox would connect just fine to live ect... Now it wont even connect to the network. Help pleeeeease
    01-30-2015 07:35 PM

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