1. philosophomore's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Sorry if giving this a new thread is a faux pax, but every other discussion of this issue is content with solutions that don't seem to apply to my case.

    Problem: While typing on my G'Zone Commando 4GLTE (running 4.1.2), in any app (messaging or memo or whatever), words come up in suggested/predictive text that I would rather not, such as a very important password of mine that somehow got in there! (I must have typed it into a non-password field by accident at some point?)

    Solutions that don't work:
    1) It has been pointed out that the "personal dictionary" can be edited, but mine is empty. (Even the other(?) (maybe?) one that is hidden way inside the options for XT9 Text Input)
    2) It has been said that long-pressing on the word in the suggestion list will bring up a chance to delete it, and, like many other users, my phone does nothing when I long-press the word.

    Any suggestions? Or guidance on who the devs are at the bedrock of this, to take my question to?
    02-06-2015 02:53 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which keyboard do you use? Is it the stock keyboard app, or Google Keyboard? Is it actually trying to replace the word for you, or only displaying it as a suggestion? If it's autocorrecting, then go to Settings>Language & Input, tap the settings icon next to your keyboard, and look for the Autocorrect setting. See if it gives you the option to set how aggressively to autocorrect.
    02-06-2015 07:25 PM
  3. Ram Pudur's Avatar
    Settings -> Apps -> ALL* -> ****** Keyboard
    And clear keyboard data from Clear Data, Clear Cache

    I think it may clear word suggestion.
    03-19-2015 01:52 AM

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