1. Hjalmar Ohman's Avatar
    Hello Androidcentral!
    I want to download CM 12 to my N5, but i want to be safe, very safe. If i dont want CM 12 i want to be able to go back exactly as my phone is atm. If i understood correctly, doing a full system backup u need to root your device, so i guess going back exactly as my phone is is impossible?
    I havent rooted or anything to my N5. Here's my plan: Do a backup with ADB. Bootload my device then root it with Kingo Root. Get all apps etc back from my ADB backup. Download TWRP Manager and do a full system backup. Cut the TWRP folder out from my phone and post it in my computer. Download CM 12.
    02-19-2015 12:27 PM

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