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    I'm using a OnePlus One, but I think this is a generic Android question. The OnePlus One runs CyanogenMod 11s at the current time.

    Some time ago, I switched email, contacts, and calendar to Outlook.com. This is working pretty well. The Contacts app on the phone -- not sure if it is a Google app or a CM app -- lets me choose what account to display. Since I have my outlook.com account registered on the device, after setting it up in MailWise, it appears there, so I have my outlook.com contacts visible.

    But if I want to add a contact, it forces me to choose between Google and local/unsynced. The outlook.com account isn't an option, so I can't add the new contact to my outlook.com account. At the moment, the only way I can do it is on a PC, and the contact gets synced back to the phone.

    Can anyone think of a way to do this on the device? My BlackBerry Passport lets me do it. I suppose one solution is to use the Microsoft Outlook Preview app, but that app is pretty rough around the edges, and I hate having to use a redundant email and calendar app for just one function.
    02-25-2015 07:34 AM

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