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    Delayed notifications.

    Samsung Note 3 LTE N9005; 4.4.2; rooted; stock Samsung Italian ROM; cannot factory-reset.

    a) many apps as WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype, eBay, etc, don’t notify me of events in real time and I experience delayed notifications.
    b) if I open/launch each of these apps I receive any (all) delayed notifications at once.
    c) if I open/launch the app “PNF Root” and go to “Play Services Monitor” all notifications from all the above mentioned apps are received at once.
    d) Viber seems to NOT be affected by this problem and it notifies me regularly.

    a) I have uninstalled and reinstalled all those apps about 10 times, and after every uninstall but before re-installing, I did:
    Cache cleaning.
    Dalvik Cache cleaning.
    Permissions fix.
    I installed “PNF Push Notifications Fixer root (PNF root)”. I set WiFi heartbeat to 5+6, 6+5, 5+5 and many other combinations.
    I logged-out and back into each of the above apps’ accounts.
    b) I uninstalled all cache cleaners, memory boosters, app-killers, greenify, etc..
    c) I already contacted WhatsApp (and other apps) tech support and followed their instructions to the letter. All tech support washed their hands of the problem with the excuse that they cannot offer support to rooted devices... as*hol*s! Same reply from Samsung and google tech support.
    d) I don't use hangouts but - just to be safe - I installed it anyway and then followed the instructions given by WhatsApp etc tech support.
    e) I already posted this same help request a few weeks/months ago on Androidpit, XDA, Android Forums but nobody replied.

    My feeling:
    It has something to do with "Google Play Services" as the problem affects every app that uses this service and it is resolved once open/launch “PNF Root” and go to “Play Services Monitor”. Unfortunately Google and Google play tech support refuse to help bcs I’m rooted.

    I need help! I've been trying to fix this problem since before Christmas and I have done everything which comes to my mind short of Factory-Reset/ROM re-flash.

    Please HEEEEEELP!
    02-28-2015 10:21 PM

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