1. RedSoxFan#AC's Avatar
    Well, a Android newbie here (Samsung Continuum) and I've downloaded Launcher Pro Plus (paid version) and like it thus far. However, I am having issues with the widgets, specifically the "People" widget. I have checked this forum and still can't find the answers.

    I've added the people widget on my home screen and enlarged it a little. I've gone back into the Main menu -> Preferences -> LP Widget settings to I assume link or connect my contacts or address book to the widget. The only problem is there is no way to do this. Inside the LP Widget settings folder there are setting adjustments for bookmarks, calendar, message, twitter, facebook and friends. Am I missing something here?

    Anyone have a solution?
    12-22-2010 06:20 PM
  2. RedSoxFan#AC's Avatar
    I just figured it out. Sorry for the post guys. For some reason the contacts that I had starred (in a group) were not recognized. I think it's because they have to be Android contacts not google. Anyhow, I changed all the starred contacts to "friends" and it worked like a charm.
    12-22-2010 06:34 PM
  3. Federacion's Avatar
    How did u turn favorites to friends?
    05-06-2012 09:31 AM
  4. Federacion's Avatar
    and one more question. Is there a way at people widget to set the peoples not alphavetically but in frequency order?

    sorry for my bad english. cheers.
    05-06-2012 09:42 AM
  5. Jon_Doh's Avatar
    I haven't found a way to do that. I wish there was a way to set the favorites in the order we prefer. Perhaps that should be a feature request that should be made to the developer. He's in the process of rewriting the app and adding enhancements so now would be a good time to submit this request.
    06-08-2012 10:28 AM