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    I hope this is the right board to discuss about this. I'm not trolling. This came from a casual Z3 user.

    I pre-ordered the Z3 on Sony store and got it. The phone was great, screen was pleasant to look at, no lags ever happened, but there were too many cons that took over the pros imo:

    - The battery was not that great, I've installed GSAM App since day one, and now the average screen-on time is only 5 hours, maximum is 6h30m. I've tried resetting the phone via Pc Companion... no luck. I mainly use the phone for Facebook, Web browser, taking pictures, and music, no heavy games.

    - I've dropped it several times due its f*cking slippery glass panels. So far there's no crack but the aluminum sides are slightly damaged.

    - It's so uncomfortable to hold. Sony made premium phones for sure, but it's not practical... the Z3 is just a beautiful metal slab but not really a phone. In my opinion, the curved back is much much more comfortable to hold in hands.

    - Wifi range is horrible. I've tried putting the Z3 next to the LG G3 and Moto G, the Z3 lost signal frequently, the other 2 were fine.

    - Glass back panel = fingerprint magnet.

    - Finally, the most disappointed feature - Camera. I don;t know what the heck Sony did to their Z3, but the camera is just average to me. Plus it does not focus well while recording videos, even with normal macro shots; Superior Auto sucks; too tiny flash; a lof of Noise; a lot of disappointments.

    - Not to mention that it fails so badly on cosmetic look. Huge gaps; unsymmetrical panels; bulging nylon corners. They are not a big deal for me, but compared to other phones in terms of cosmetic build, Sony has to work harder.

    Z3 to G3-screenshot_2015-03-10-22-45-20.jpg
    03-15-2015 09:06 PM
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    In my experience (today is day 4) that is really low battery life if you are not doing hugely demanding tasks like games. Both Saturday and Sunday i downloaded a couple apps (both small ones), played games for 2.5 hours roughly each day, rest was spent web browsing and playing with settings (No stamina mode etc, just standard settings so far) and both days i got 7+ hours of screen on time. I am obviously in the honeymoon phase and playing with the phone all the time.

    If you look in the Z3 forums you will see i am still debating switching mine out for what i feel is a more hand friendly phone, i agree on the slippery, but it does look extremely nice imo. If i keep it, i will be investing in a thin TPU style case for sure.

    Wifi so far has been excellent to me, i was in my backyard for a couple hours on Sunday and it had no problem with wifi, where my Ipad mini 2 has had some arguments about wifi back there.

    I feel the same about being disapointed in the camera, all these modes are kind of overwhelming to me. And the auto mode is pretty hit and miss in my experience so far.

    Hopefully you can get yours sorted out! it is a very slick phone.
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    03-16-2015 02:09 PM
  3. Lukas Dawn's Avatar
    You made my day! I appreciate that. I don't know why my Z3 barely got 7hours on screen time. My friend's was the same. He got roughly 5 hours.... Keep playing and with your Z3 and let me know if you find something
    03-16-2015 02:23 PM

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