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    I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong forum section.

    Basically I don't live in the US and I have managed to trick Google and Amazon using a USUnlocked credit card. I have the US Playstore and I have a Kindle account. I would like to know which of both services is easier to maintain its bypass forever? Like, would the ever figure out that I tricked them? And if so, would I have a chance to fight back and contact their customer service? I'm not American so I don't have any documents proving that I live in the US.

    I am asking because I have had trouble about a year ago with Amazon where they discovered that I had tricked them so they asked me for official documents or else they'd close my account.

    The other incident was yesterday when I restored my Android phone to its factory defaults and the first time I opened Google Books, I got a brief error telling me that it's not supported in my country however, the error was gone in a few seconds by itself.

    Your help is greatly appreciated and please do not recommend other apps like nook. I want to use either Google Books or Kindle.
    03-22-2015 10:52 AM

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