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    When I use my S5 and google ok to send a text message google ok simply stops recognising my spoken text content and requests again what message I want to say.

    Oddly enough I can see that in the text box above all the words I have spoken are written, so using ok google has recognised them, its just failing to put them in the text? and requests again and again what it is I want to message.

    When I go into my stock phone app to reply to a text a click the little mic on the keyboard I can talk to my hearts content and the text is recognised.... why is this.

    Also I use ok google to respond to sms through my android wear watch, now ok google is cutting my text content off there as well.

    Any idears thanks in advance, I have looked on the net but no one seem to have asked this question
    03-23-2015 10:54 AM

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