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    I recently decided that it was time to upgrade to a smartphone, after stubbornly holding out for as long as I could. I am wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations on what a good phone to buy in the next month or so. I would primarily use the phone for texting, phone calls, managing my workflow, taking pictures and a little video, and listening to music and podcasts. I want a phone that will have a professional appearance in the workplace (I am finishing my engineering degree shortly). A main reason for the switch is that my flip phone is no longer reliably and promptly receiving texts.

    I was initially leaning towards the iPhone 6 plus (regular iPhone seemed a *tad* small for me), but I am not in love with iOS (I have an iPod Touch, so I am somewhat familiar), and the price is a little on the high end for me (although if I was absolutely sold on it I might pull the trigger).

    After looking at the Android phones out there, I am leaning towards the Galaxy S6 at the moment, since it seems to have the best hardware and improved software. However, even if I decide to go that route, is it a bad idea to preorder it or buy it within the first few days of release? Am I more likely to have issues with the phone? I would probably buy it at Costco, if that makes any difference. As for style, I like the way it looks, although I also really like the appearance of the Nexus 6 (probably too big though).

    Anyways, I would appreciate any suggestions on choice of phone, as well as whether it is an ok idea to buy a phone near the release date. Thanks!

    04-02-2015 10:10 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I'm usually more cautious when it comes to a newly introduced device--I'd rather wait a bit to see if any major issues start coming to the forefront.

    Based on what you usually do with your phone, do you really need the latest and greatest super-mega-flagship phone? You could probably still do way more than adequate with a flagship from 2014 or even 2013, like the Moto X, LG G2/G3, or Nexus 5 (and it'd be cheaper, too).
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    04-02-2015 11:47 PM
  3. RynotheDyno's Avatar
    Thanks for the response! I definitely can see the wisdom in holding out on the newly released devices. You are right, I probably don't need the latest and greatest phone. However, part of me figures that I have held out this long, so I may as well splurge a bit. But then again, if I found a phone I liked that was less expensive, I wouldn't complain. I really do like the classy, simple look of the Nexus 5 (and of course the stock Android...), but Verizon doesn't seem to offer it (I am on a family plan, so I don't see much upside in buying a phone outright...am I wrong?). The others just don't excite me much, and if I am going to be paying an extra $30/month and constantly using it, I figure it should...
    04-03-2015 12:39 AM

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