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    i tried Odin 3.07 & it shows reset blue box, 2nd last sentence completed threat (successful 1 / failed 0) next line removed. so i waited for it to turn pass & at same time the smg7102 got power on & front page came up. at same time the dialog box of odin keep showing removed, so i removed the smg7102 from desktop. few seconds the odin box showed pass green. So it is installed? coz when i install supersu chainfire & supersu something dd. When open the supersu pop up shows something about binary zero & the other supersu when open its empty. So can you help me Scott how i can download the supersu so i can do rooting. Thanks so much. i spend more than 1 hr to get supersu hence i'm wondering whether Odin got installed properly. How to check from smg7102 whether odin is there or now. Or supersu has nothing to do with Odin
    04-12-2015 06:09 PM
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    Downloading SuperSU doesn't root the phone, it only controls which apps can get root. The binary (a file named su, installed in /system/bin or /system/xbin, depending on the phone) is what gives you root. If you're running 4.4.2 and the kernel date is earlier than June 3, 2014, use Towel Root to root it.
    04-12-2015 09:49 PM

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