1. ashok bisht's Avatar
    I can't see the full file names on my Note4.

    e.g. the file name is
    Sex And The City S1E12 - Oh Come All Ye Faithful [RavyDavy].avi

    then I can only see

    Sex And The Cit...l [RavyDavy].avi
    since I have many serials on the same location I can't find which one is 1 or 2.
    this is very annoying the only way is to long press one file and see the properties of it.

    do we have any trick where we can see the full file name even a moving file name acroos the screen will be good.

    This is such an small thing. i don't know why Note4 have no option for that.
    Ideally full file name should be visible wrapped or should have to see in smaller size characters.
    04-17-2015 12:16 PM

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