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    I have the ATT model g2. it was running android 4.2.2 and i rooted. i got an OTA notification yesterday so i unrooted it, and uninstalled busybox. and went ahead with the update. now, my phone does not turn on. you go to turn it on and the lg logo flashes for a second or two, then a black screen, if you look closely you can tell that the screen panel is still lit, but nothing shows up. It will not boot to download mode, and it does boot to the recovery, but when i hit the power button 3g to do the hard reset, i get the black screen again, and no boot. when i connect it to my computer, it gives me a bunch of popups saying that i need to reformat a drive before i can use it, somewhere around 15-20 of them? ive run out of ideas to fix it. any and all help is appreciated. would really like my g2 back, im back to my old phone which was a nexus 5 that has a terribly cracked screen, and i really like to get the g2 back rather than having to pay to get my screen replaced.
    04-17-2015 01:01 PM

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