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    Hello, I have a Sony xperia C. Due to very less internal memory on this phone I rooted it so that I can use link2sd to link my app files to sd card. I purchased a MTS WiFi datacard few days back and on using it I surprised to see that internet speed available on my phone is pathetic. I have downloaded speed test on my phone and it shows download speeds of 50-60kbps only, max upto 180kbps and upload speed upto 200-300 kbps. I first thought there was some problem with my Datacard. But on Connecting my datacard to PC or iPhone or galaxy tab3 I get download speeds upto 1.5mbps and upload speeds upto 700kbps using the same speedtest (Ookla). I Connected my phone to other WiFi networks and results were same. I am getting internet speeds almost 10 Times less than on other devices connected on The same network.
    WiFi analySer shows no Problem with WiFi signals or any interference.

    Why is this happening? Is this due to the root I applied on my phone? Please help me solve this problem.

    I rooted my phone using Kingo mobile root software.
    04-22-2015 03:07 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Rooting has nothing to do with wifi speeds, since the apps you're using (like Ookla and web browsers)d don't use root, and the wifi modem (the software that runs the wifi connection) doesn't either. If they did, you couldn't use wifi unless the phone was rooted.

    It's possible that whatever program you used to root the phone did something that caused the wifi speed to slow down (rooting is just copying a single file to the phone - how it's done could cause a problem), the question is whether the phone was slow on wifi before you rooted it. I suspect that you're just getting slow download speeds on that phone. Why it's happening is something else. Try the download test on a public wifi that doesn't require a login - that will mean that it's not encrypted, so it would eliminate the TKIP problem as a cause if you get low speeds there too.
    04-22-2015 03:18 PM

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