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    I have a Lg Optimus F60 from MetroPCS. This is my first phone with a file manager built in to it, so I'm completely lost on how to use it. I really want my files to be nice, neat, and easy to navigate. So I could really use a lot of help.
    04-30-2015 02:22 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1) File names mean what the person specifying the program (the programmer, the project manager, etc.) mean them to mean. There's no convention, not even sanity. (Some files have names that make you wonder if the entity that named them is even human. Some are machine-generated, and make no sense at all - like a file named m145247234.dat. It's a file that some app knows, and knows what to do with, and you don't concern yourself with it unless you're the person who designed the app.)

    2) Most system files can't even be seen, let alone moved, renamed, etc., unless the phone is rooted.

    3) Moving a file will probably cause it to stop working. Files should be where they are. Renaming a file you didn't create manually will cause the app that created it to stop working. Renaming the extension (the part to the right of the rightmost dot) will render the file useless. (A music file with a .jpg extension can't be viewed as a .jpg [becauise it isn't one] and can't be played as music [because music players won't open .jpg files].)

    Bottom line - a file manager isn't supposed to make the lists of files look nice, it's supposed to allow you to find the files. How you "use" the file manager is pretty much "you don't, unless you need to use it". It's not an app you just use when you want, it's a tool. If the screw isn't loose, you don't pick up a screwdriver and tighten it "just because". The same with a file manager - if you don't need to find a file for some reason, don't run the file manager.
    04-30-2015 04:16 PM

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