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    dear all..

    i have an issue for more than 2 month until now and i hope it just fixed.
    my smartphone is galaxy s4 active, that i updated before a week to android L. - the problem date before this update and before kitkat update"

    the issue that i cannot hear the dial tone, cannot hear the caller and the caller cannot hear me, that's if i make a call or receive it,
    i try to
    --reboot device.
    --remove battery.
    --change the sim card.
    --removed SD card and that make my mobile hanging somehow!!
    --disable google search, disable voice to text << these stuff i found from googling.
    --wipe factory reset, wipe clear cash.

    i try everything, so sometimes call fixed for just a one single call the re-come back again the issue until i found something, i did not enabled the mobile data for 3 days, and from that date until now i can call anyone and everybody can hear me well without any problem.
    so the problem was from mobile data ! there's a conflict or i don't know??!!! .. so what's going with me, i cannot use my mobile data or the issue will come back again.
    the calls from app like viber skype tango etc work well

    any suggestions ??
    btw, samsung support center in my country did not support my s4 active !!
    05-03-2015 09:28 AM

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