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    I have rooted my phone in an attempt to trying to move my apps to external SD card. I downloaded AParted and successfully partitioned my SD card. I was also able to use Lind2SD to move apps to SD card. So far so good, except that I made a minor mistake in partitioning and want to reformat and repartition the SD card.

    But now, I apparently can't unmount my SD card anymore. In Settings/Storage, the "Mount SD Card" button is grayed out, and a line underneath says "Insert SD Card for mounting". That seems to suggest the phone cannot detect an SD card is plugged in.

    Though when I powered up the phone, the phone indicated it successfully scanned the media files on SD card with no errors. I can also use Link2SD to link/unlink apps in SD card.

    However, when I go to AParted and tried to repartitioned the SD card. AParted prompted me to "diable"(which I assume means unmount) my SD card in Settings. I obviously can't do it since in Settings, SD card doesn't even appear to be mounted.

    I have looked up in the file manager app, the SD card indeed appears to be mounted (can be detected by file manager app), though somehow in Settings the phone simply cannot detect it.

    Any one got a clue? My phone model is LG-LS720 in case it matters.
    05-04-2015 07:28 PM

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