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    I have had a fun ride trying to get my no-name tablet to do anything. Eventually I did get it to communicate with my pc via ‘Android Composite ADB Interface’ (Device Manager), but the only thing I can do is reboot it. Any attempt to root it or fastboot just gives an error. If I fastboot it says waiting for device and goes no further. The tablet is in USB debug mode. If I ask for devices it returns the serial number imapb/c2a/a3. It also says it is an IT900 when queried but under its menu it reports itself as IT7008. It is in fact a 7-inch tablet and boots with the name ‘Blueing’. It is running 4.1.1 and is almost useless. I can’t stream any video except YouTube and I can’t change DNS settings or gain any control at all. I really need to root this thing but nothing I have tried works. I still don’t know what firmware image it uses or if there is anything that would work to update it. I would appreciate any suggestions. I am new to Android but learning fast.
    05-04-2015 10:23 PM

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