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    Hi, for a certain need, I am looking into buying a Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330, Android candybar QWERTY phone (secondhand of course). This phone has Android 4.0.4.

    My question is, I need the phone to work bilingually English / Hebrew, i.e. I don't mind all the interface in English but I do need to be able to type content in Hebrew (into SMS, web browsers, calendar etc). This phone I found is a generic American phone, i.e. not bought in Israel so its not localized out of the box. I am guessing that on Android OS 4 I can simply add Hebrew as an input language, right? which would work for the virtual touch keyboard. But can I assume that this will also work with the physical QWERTY keyboard - i.e. the Generic android is intelligent enough to properly map the keys? (I'm planning to send this phone to an etching service that will etch Hebrew letters on the keys). I'd really appreciate if anyone can make an informed guess as to whether this would at all work.

    05-05-2015 01:54 AM

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