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    Well, I think I can help with this issue, as I was also going through this difficult spell until I decided to fiddle with the whole thing. I use Toyota Avensis 2009 with inbuilt Touch Screen SATNAV. It might sound a bit complicated, but If I could explain with pictures, It would have been better. First of all, Try and delete every phone your bluetooth had connected to previously. On my SATNAV, there is a button called INFO button. When you click on that button, it bring you other settings. Click on bluetooth and click on register and go to your phone and turn your bluetooth on. It will find it and then ask you to enter a passcode. After entering the passcode which is normally 0000, it will show to you connecting. Then you get to see connected to Call and Media for like about 5 seconds then it takes of the call and leave the media. This was what I have been going through... Try these steps if that happens.

    1. Click the same Info button again or Click the CALL button your steering wheel. ( Note: You will get phone disconnected)
    2. Click the settings for Bluetooth
    3. Look for Bluetooth ICON, Its just above the auto-connect button
    4. Once this bluetooth ICON is clicked, click on REGISTER
    5. Then go to your phone and click on YOUR car BLUETOOTH name. This will automatically connect your phone to the BLUETOOTH system in the car. However, if it doesn't, You will have to enter the passcode as mine showed on my SATNAV 1212. You will see that the CALL and AUDIO button will start showing blue which means they are now both connected.
    6. Exit the settings or just click on CALL button your steering wheel. You shouldn't get the normal annoying PHONE DISCONNECTED, You should then be able to make call and play MUSIC Immediately.

    I think before the Lollipop Update, the bluetooth in the car does the automatic connection for both CALL and MEDIA. But now, You have got to connect them one after the other.

    If you still have a problem, please let me know. I might just look for a way to make a video of how this works or take pictures. Although, I might not have a fix as SATNAVs Systems are Different for each Model and Make of cars.

    Hope this helps, it worked for me and I tried the process over and over and over and over and over again before writing this.
    05-05-2015 01:09 PM

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