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    Today I encountered something weird. Also it might have been my little brother who was playing with the phone, but I haven't found the issue. P. S. I'm using an HTC one m8.

    Story. My WiFi works perfectly fine, on mobile and PC, but today I encountered something weird. All my apps work fine, twitch, twitter, YouTube, all good, loading data. Then there is Baconreader, an app to browse reddit, it seems to take forever to load. Can't access the login screen either. I downloaded a different app, 'reddit is fun', the same exact issue, just loading forever.

    What I tried:
    mobile data, I was able to load all the posts instantly, popped back on WiFi, nothing.

    Clear all cache. Nothing.

    Restart phone. Nothing.

    Try accessing reddit though chrome, success, 'open with app' > Baconreader > fail.

    This really weird that two apps aren't working. Also when thus occurred I only had Bacon reader on my phone. Iater tried the other one and it didn't work either. I downloaded 9GAG app and it worked okay.

    Anyone had a problem like this? I don't want to factory reset my phone and reddit needs me like I need it. :/
    05-05-2015 05:44 PM

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