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    Every time I go on chrome, I get this popup. It tells me,
    "Your android is outdated! Your device may be slow and limited if you do not update your system. Click ok and follow the instructions to continue using your device."

    When I click ok (or try to go back to my original page) it takes me to a second screen that says,

    "URGENT Android update
    A new version of the Android Booster is now available."
    It tells me to click the button to install the DU booster and open the application to use the latest Android keyboard.

    After ignoring it, I downloaded the app, but I'm still getting the same popups for every tab I use on chrome.

    Please help. Getting extremely frustrated and can't figure it out. Thanks.
    05-16-2015 10:34 PM
  2. Crashdamage's Avatar
    The worst thing you could do is install something when a pop-up ad tells you to. Never, ever do that. NEVER!

    You have installed a form of malware. It may be very difficult to eradicate these messages, especially since you followed their suggestions and installed even more stuff.

    For starters, you must uninstall Android Booster, DU Booster, and any and all other task killer, memory optimizer/booster, cache cleaner, battery saver/repair or similar apps. They are unnecessary and counterproductive. They actually waste power and disrupt critical system processes and degrade performance. Plus, as you found out, they often drive you crazy with nag ads.

    Be sure to uninstall all apps such as described above. Uninstall these apps properly. Go to: Settings > Apps > Select app > Clear cache > Clear data > Uninstall

    Then clear caches the correct way. Go to: Settings > Storage > Cached data > Clear cached data? > Ok

    Now restart the phone. With luck your phone is cured. If not a factory reset I is required. This returns the phone to out of the box condition and usually does the job.

    Remember, Android is excellent at handling processes and memory with no help from 3rd-party apps or user assistance. Just let Android do it's job, relax and enjoy your phone.

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    05-16-2015 11:00 PM

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