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    I bought Compelson's MobilEdit because I no longer had a Microsoft Office enabled phone and wanted to be able to back up and edit my contact list and calendar on my laptop. I had edited down the accumulation of contacts from 10+ years to clean usable data and backed it up using their software. It didn't really let me edit the stuff on my laptop, but it wasn't very user friendly but I got the job done. But when I lost my phone and restored it I got data salad. 20-25% of my contacts are "no name." Those that are there have missing data (like no phone number when there used to be one) or two addresses one of which doesn't belong to that contact. It told me there were errors when I was copying the phone but it didn't give me any choices except cancelling or skipping. When I try to get customer service they just shine me on -- they are essentially unresponsive, canned messages about my importance as a customer aside, and have not given me any useful suggestions other than going through and hand editing this mess again using their unfriendly software.

    Does anyone know
    1) how to get better customer service?
    2) how to get a clean download?
    3) how to see the data on the laptop so I can tell if it uploaded cleanly?
    4) or failing all these, another back up program that actually works?
    05-17-2015 10:52 AM

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