1. AC Question's Avatar
    My son set a pattern lock password on his sprout cubby channel tablet, but he doesn't remember the password. How do I reset or unlock it?
    05-26-2015 08:43 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! See if this helps: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/3388218?hl=en
    05-27-2015 03:19 AM
  3. tralove3480's Avatar
    I am going through the same thing. It's stuck on parent mood. I put my email in and reset the password. Now it's denying me access. It's not recognizing my email or password. I have to wait until the company email me back. This is some bull. I even reset it. It brought me back to the main parent lock page. I just got my son tablet back from sprout because it was broke.
    09-06-2015 02:02 PM
  4. Jessicakelsey's Avatar
    I can't get into my daughter sprout channel it keeps saying exit cubby mode and is showing password. And I have no idea what the password is and I've tried to rest the hole thing and it keeps to the same thing.
    12-27-2015 09:04 PM
  5. Sierradickerson_7's Avatar
    I bought my child a cubby tablet from the pawn shop it's stuck in cubby mode and I dont no the password or email they used and I dont want to lose the games how do I rest the password
    01-30-2017 10:22 AM

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