1. AC Question's Avatar
    Is there a virus out there like this? Ran scans, found nothing. No app shows as loaded when I get to the phone. Need to leave it on over-night. No issues during the day. This is on a Note 2. Usually happens every other night between 2 and 4. Usually once a night but last night, 3 times. The dialing sound effect is most common, similar to a dial phone imitating the Tardis. Turned each app notifications off, didn't help. I can't tell what is the offending app or if there is really a form of malware. I use Lookout.
    05-27-2015 10:17 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you only hearing the sound play? Does the screen come on when this happens? Does anything appear in the notification bar?
    05-27-2015 10:43 PM
  3. roydeshon's Avatar
    Only the sound. Nothing in Notifications.
    05-27-2015 10:53 PM
  4. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    Only the sound. Nothing in Notifications.
    You don't have a repeating alarm set with one of these tones, do you?
    05-28-2015 12:16 AM
  5. roydeshon's Avatar
    To the best of my knowledge, these tones do not exist on the phone. And there is the matter of the commercials. One for Houston and one for Walmart so far. Both stopped before they completed.
    05-28-2015 05:00 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If it only happens overnight, then try booting into Safe Mode before you go to sleep, and see if it happens again: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-11474
    05-28-2015 05:56 PM
  7. roydeshon's Avatar
    I'll try that for a few nights. Thank you.
    05-28-2015 09:48 PM
  8. roydeshon's Avatar
    It's been several nights. No repeats.
    06-02-2015 06:38 PM
  9. B. Diddy's Avatar
    So now is the tricky part. The main way to figure out what's causing the problem is to boot back into normal mode and start uninstalling apps one by one until the problem goes away. I can't think of an easy way to try narrowing down which apps to focus on, though.
    06-03-2015 12:35 AM

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