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    A company by the name of LAVA Computer MFG. Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Canada makes two adapters that it claims will simultaneously charge as well as allow you to use a Samsung Galaxy Tab in USB OTG host mode (Lava Computer MFG apparently has nothing to do with the Lava Mobile line of phones like the Lava Iris X8).

    The two adapters are its TL-001 and TL-002. The OO1 is for the Galaxy Tab 2 which has the 30 pin USB connector, and the 002 is for the Galaxy Tab 4 + other Tab devices which have the micro USB adapter (the complete list is on its website).

    Anyone using either of these adapters? Would you care to review them for this forum?

    It has a website (I can't post its URL but a Google type search will readily turn it up).

    These are NOT inexpensive adapters.
    05-28-2015 10:02 PM

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