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    My original question:
    Conversation lists how to identify my outgoing message vs. inbound Asked: 18 hours ago 31 Views 1 Answers On the conversation list how to notate whether the message displayed is my own outgoing message or someones else's inbound message on messages I've already looked at (read). Right now on the conversation list all messages appear the same (my outgoing vs. someones inbound). Is there a way to change mine vs. theirs visually? Thanks!

    By AC Question 41,682 9 hours agoB. Diddy Welcome to Android Central! Which phone, and which messaging app? By convention, messaging apps show your message aligned to the right and the other person's messages aligned to the left. You don't see that? Can you show us a screenshot of what you see? [GUIDE] How To Post Screenshots on Android Central

    Response to B. Diddley:
    My phone is a Samsung Fascinate. I'm not including a screen shot since it will have phone numbers I'm not willing to post.
    In the "conversations list" all conversations are lined up on the left side of the screen and all text is the same (color, font etc) and inbound and outbound messages appear identical. On the right side of the screen is just the time a message was sent.
    06-01-2015 01:53 PM
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    You can continue in the same thread by quickly registering a username.
    I assume Verizon put their own message app on their version of the Samsung S.
    I downloaded the manual and it only relates to an optional threaded view.

    There are a number of well known message apps you can have your device default to, if you look at the Play Store.
    Check the screen images on each for one you like.
    Chomp, Textra, WhatsApp, Messaging and others are well proven.

    Our Senior Ambassador B. Diddy would be happy to continue here, I'm sure.

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    06-01-2015 06:48 PM
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    Ok, we'll just continue the discussion in this thread. Thanks to Madd54 for pointing it out!

    Open your Messaging app, tap Menu>Settings, and see if there are any options there to change the layout of the conversation. I agree with Madd54 as well--you may just want to try a different messaging app. I find Hangouts to work well as an SMS app.

    When you post a screenshot, you can easily edit out any person or contact information with a simple image editing program beforehand. But I understand your concern.

    I also echo Madd54's invitation for you to register on these forums. It makes it much easier to carry on a discussion!
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    06-01-2015 08:17 PM

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